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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Originally uploaded by krista.

i did it! uploaded an image, i did. took this while visiting with joe in ny.

recently, a friend went out and got drunk and danced to david bowie on a chair. that aside, she told me that marta was dj-ing. the fact that she mentioned marta like i should know who she was got me suspicious. soon followed a slew of photos of this marta planting kisses all over this friend. i inquired. i knew something was astir.

"you mentioned marta like i should know her.  do i know her?  did we go to high school with her?"

she told me that, no, i did not know her but that marta was her pretend new lesbian girlfriend. but not really. and that she was trying to make it casual so that i didn't think she was insane. because she isn't.

i told her not to do that. because it could easily be mistaken for gay (and not gay as in lesbian) name dropping, as per the following scenario:

'oh, i was at a party and i spilt my crantini on trent."


"uh huh.  trent."

"who the hell is trent?"

"uh, only trent reznor.  9 inch nails. hello!?"

that kinda thing.


At April 21, 2005, Blogger sweethc said...

I was excited the first time I was able to upload an image, also. It was so liberating!


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