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Thursday, April 21, 2005


so. last nite i was talking to someone who had recently come back from india. and he was saying how you just get beyond shock when you see the things you do when you travel to these amazing parts of the world. and of course it changes you forever. seeing things you otherwise would never see. learning things you otherwise would never learn (maybe?). anyway, i was thinking back to when i was in africa, and this one image in mauritania that was so beyond surreal (is this when charles the semantic cop attacks me again?) that i often wonder if i made it up or dreamt it: there was this horse. and he was dead. and he was in a dumpster that was filled to the rim. and he was in this state of rigor mortis, so his four legs were sticking straight up into the air. incredible. a dead horse in a dumpster. just piled there on top. these things are so wild, you just don't have the ability to deal with it.

thanks to my sister for plugging my blog. check out her artwork and thoughts here.

she just had a tiny little baby that i'm going to visit in less than a month.


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