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Sunday, April 24, 2005

dancing with tears in my eyes

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i just came back from a run and this ultravox song that someone jokingly put on my ipod came on. i started to laugh and then remembered an ultravox-related story:

when i was living in ny, a girlfriend was dating an ex-member (are they still "ex" members if the band just fades away...?) and a bunch of us went out for beverages one night. a friend of mr. ultravox found out i was a photographer and asked to see my portfolio. he needed someone to shoot the cover for his album. we met, he looked, he liked, i shot.

we later reconvened to go over the images and he asked me out. i said i was seeing someone. he said he didn't like the photos. he later told my girlfriend that i secretly yearned for her ultravox boyfriend. she looked at him like he was crazy, "krista? oh, he's so not her type."

thank gawd for loyalty. i could have been on huge damage control and easily lost a friendship due to his baby ways. i totally won't go after your ultravox boyfriend.

i've set the comments so that you don't have to register or sign in. i really like hearing what people have to say.


At April 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi kriiistaaa,

i like your writing, it's fun and loose and sassy! yeah that's right, sasssy!

i liked the "trent" bit


ortex skull masterz


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