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Saturday, May 07, 2005

how to e-nnoy me

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1. Don't answer my queries.

Q: When is your parent's anniversary? I must send a card.
A: I had some really great sushi on Saturday.

Q: Where did you park my car?
A: I'm going to bill my client for my dogs' airfare.

2. Offer me a job and then become electronically unavailable as soon as it comes time to discuss money. ("I'll be in Burquina Faso for the next three weeks.") Be sure you communicate this to me via "out-of-the-office-auto-reply".

3. Tell me you're going to link my site and then not do it. ("I get a 1,000 hits a day - all from me.")

4. Pretend you didn't get one of my emails and then later use that very email to reply to me on a completely unrelated topic.


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