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Sunday, February 26, 2006

my two sense

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there's a game i like to play. it's called "give me proper change please". it's played by buying something that comes to $5.08 and giving the cashier $5.13.

"i don't need these three pennies, ma'am", says the cashier pushing them back at me.

"yes you do. this way you can give me back a nickel."

"take your pennies. your total is $5.08. you gave me a dime."

"no - i gave you a dime and three pennies."

"but i don't need the three pennies."

this will degenerate into a hostile exchange whereby the financial constitution of a nickel is imparted.

this week, i discovered a new game while trying on a pair of shoes in chelsea. it's called "no that's not the name of a hip-hop-happening store, it's actually a city".

the clerk in the store asked me where i got my bag.

"vancouver", i replied.

he cocked his head while his mind scanned his repertoire of fashionable shops.

i gave him a few moments.

"canada." i eventually assisted.

"oh," he gave me a flutter of his hand. i could tell he still thought "vancouver" was the name of the shop, which was located in somewhere in canada.

maybe he'll get it in 2010.


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