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Monday, May 30, 2005


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bored teenagers in the suburbs will get into all sorts of things. this is why the suburbs are bad. this is why vancouver has a raging crystal meth problem. it's totally gay.

when i was in high school, i got into a little trouble of my own. one evening, my friend krista (real name) and myself were tired of calling 824-YODA and asking to speak to yoda. we wanted to orchestrate a 3-minute, city-wide bedlam. consider the following scenario:

you would be listening to some evening radio and "ben" by michael jackson would come on. "ugh! i hate this song." you'd say and change the station. the next station you tune in to would also be playing "ben" by michael jackson. you would be driven mad.

we started calling all the radio stations in the city.

"hi! can you play "ben" by michael jackson?"

"wow. that's not a request i hear every day... i think i can dig that up for you."

our plan was coming to fruition...

at least we weren't high on crystal meth.


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