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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

the boyfriends are a-quibblin'

my boyfriend gives me a little gift
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my boyfriend and i were having breakfast this morning.

"how was jon last night?"

"good. he mentioned 'poo'." i looked up from my paper. "he's pretty feisty these days."

"poo. greeeeeaaaaaaat."

"mm hm. he's wonderful. i LOVE him." i put my paper down. "hey - i learned last night that he's moving to 52nd and 11th."

"yeah, so? what does that mean?"

"that MEANS that if i had stayed in new york, i'd be TWO blocks away from him."

"but if you had stayed in new york, you'd never have met me. and we wouldn't be living in this current state of bliss."

"YOU better make me happy!"

"you gotta do that yourself, little missy."

"i mean, you better say things like, 'well aren't you cute today,' and 'hey, let me buy you a pizza.'"

"oh, that kind of happiness..."

"yes! YOU'RE the reason i'm not with jon stewart!"


At June 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong. The reason you are not with Jon Stewart is that Jon Stewart and I are in love. Madly in love. The kind of love where you smile at old people and small dogs. Step off. - kjc

At June 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ladies, ladies..there's plenty-o-stewart to go 'round....

- jon

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