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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

untitled (bocca della verità)

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i had the great advantage of living in rome during my last two years of high school. there i not only had the privilege of experiencing the most magical city in the world, but i also met some incredible people who i never would have crossed paths with had i not crossed the ocean: my first love, my second love, and a whole whack of international students who found themselves in an international school for a variety of reasons. parents were stationed in saudi arabia where it wasn't safe for their kids. parents were living in new delhi and wanted their kids to get a better education. rich americans sent their kids abroad; rich italians wanted their kids to learn english... and then there were the army and diplomatic brats like me.

i met sophie when i was 17. we were both broody and moody. she and her sister came to our school late in the year because their family was threatened during their south american posting. they are half vietnamese, half french and arrestingly beautiful.

sophie and i bonded through our deep thoughts, gelato, and drinking in trastevere. during my final year of high school, we had a falling out of sorts - i can't remember over what, but it certainly wasn't over a guy - but we there was a reconciliation right before the yearbook came out.

we've kept in touch over the years. it's never frequent, but i hope it's consistent. she came to montreal to visit a boyfriend, i visited her in aix-en-provence.

i got an email a few years back that she had gotten married.

i got an email not too long after that that she and her husband were in lebanon working with an international organization, doing good things in that part of the world. and that they were looking to move on to africa. she told me she reads my blog. i beamed.

i told her senegal was beautiful and that she should go there.

i'm not sure if sophie and bob had time to make their move to another part of the world before this latest crisis erupted in lebanon. she's been in my thoughts for the past week.

soph, i know you don't email often, and you never leave comments, but when you get at a computer, could you please let me know where you are.


At July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you hear from your friend soon.
I have fond memories of the Trastevere neighbourhood in Rome. It was the neighbourhood that really felt like a proper 'hood. I had a nice pasta carbonara there with my Italian boyfriend.

At August 11, 2006, Anonymous Sophie said...

thanks krista, for your friendship, for your words. . . i have just sent you an email with news.


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