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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

bono vox

everybody's all about bono these days.

i've, sadly, only seen him once in concert - the unforgettable fire tour. bono is a tour de force. he kicks my ass off.

when the U2 concert ended, i looked at my girlfriends and said, "let's meet him tomorrow."

"yeah! let's do that!"

so we all went to bed with the plan to meet bono the next morning.

i slept over at a naysaying friend's house. "you'll never meet bono."

"yes i will." said this really lucid voice in my head.

"yes i will. i'm meeting bono today." i said.

we all met up at the most expensive hotel in town. there were about four other girls with the same plan already there. the concierge told us U2 was not at his hotel. we waited and waited. and froze and waited. soon doubts began to set in. did we pick the wrong hotel? the concierge came over again and told us to leave before we got hypothermia. right at that moment, a huge tour bus pulled up.

"okay, they're here." he conceded. "but you'll have to wait on the other side of the street."

we crossed the street and waited some more. by noon we started to entertain ourselves by singing U2 standards. we sang "40" over and over. it was unquestionably a horrible, horrible rendition.

after about an hour, all four members of U2 walked out of the hotel. our singing stopped and we floated across the street in silence. larry, the edge, and the other guy whose name i can't think of right now ran into their bus. bono walked over towards us, sat down on the hood of a car and said, "this morning, i was awakened by the singing of angels."


At July 06, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wasn't really Bono you know. I know the EXACT night you are talking about and FYI he slept at MY house that night. He had the top bunk (of course) and I, the bottom.

Back off or you'll be sorry.

Govern yourself accordingly,
Signed: Buxom Sl#@

At July 07, 2005, Anonymous demetri said...

to quote the one and only,

"Fashion is out of fashion."

At July 07, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the drummer is still hot....

At July 07, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, but did the drummer ever have a mullet?

At July 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was the greatest day of our lives. He touched my pen. I kept it in a shoebox for 10 years. Jane threw it out. Along with Nik Kershaw's spoon. - kjc


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