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Thursday, August 11, 2005

gimme five...

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i got tagged by my sister. this means you're supposed to type out, like, 5 million of your favorite things and five trillion nice things people have done for you. i figure no one really needs to know what's on my ipod (frank black's latest album) or what my top five movies are (showgirls), but someone did such a beautiful and random act of kindness today, i do think it must be counted as the number one nicest thing anyone has done for me in a while.

there's a character at my coffee shop, and by character, i mean a misunderstood, brilliant, and recluse man/musician. we've seen each other for years and i only recently started talking to him. i wanted to impart some of his knowledge. "are you done with that section of the paper?" i'd ask. before long, i didn't even have to ask: "i felt your eyes burning my shoulder - here, take this, i'm done." and he'd walk out of the coffee shop.

one day he walked up to me and gave me a baci chocolate. before i even had a chance to say, "thanks", he put his hand up to say "don't mention it." and walked out of the coffee shop.

yesterday it was a peach and an open invitation to his gym to swim at the pool. now i know what you're thinking - but he knows i have a boyfriend.

so today i walked up to him, "looks like a pool day!"

"yeah? you wanna go?"

he did his laps, i lounged and did my regular mega dose of thinking. he came back and we chatted. i've been having a super shitty week, being called, again, on my assorific personality. before i knew it, he was saying such magical things, such priceless advice, that i felt like i felt like i slipped into the twilight zone. i had to take a step away from the situation because it felt surreal, dreamlike, and that it wasn't actually happening. it was magical and will never be forgotten, even though i can't remember a word we said.

i went to the hot tub and when i came back, he gave me 9 long stem yellow roses. "what is this for?!" i asked.

"don't take it the wrong way. this afternoon is going to keep me going until the end of october."

i got home and as i was putting them into the vase, i burst into tears.


At August 11, 2005, Anonymous lyn said...

Good for you.
That's the opposite of
tired, cynical, sceptical, and everything else negative.

At August 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an aMAZing story. If I ever run into him I am going to personally give him a giant bear hug for being a bright spot in your day.

Buxom S.

At August 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE that man. Did he look like Bob Geldof? You are not ass-orific. -kjc xo

At August 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how incredible that, in a moment, a complete stranger can appear to know who you are more than you know of yourself. and then to add those parting words.... major surrealism.

At August 16, 2005, Anonymous Kattia said...

And your story keeps me on going until I bum again into another great story.
This days I was wondering if maybe the magic in life was gone!
Is still there hiding in a Strange man at our favourite coffee place ...
Your blog rocks Lady!

At August 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

K (entire name edited to protect the identity of blog owner)...I miss the blog updates...i keep clicking on the "K" (entire name edited to protect the identity of blog owner) shortcut on my desktop...

Love that pic though. It's so far-away...wistful. so germane to the story. (i love the word "germane"'s an annoying word...but i'll take any chance i can get to use it. Germane...germane...Oh the Germanity!)
Buxom S.


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