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Sunday, October 16, 2005

freak magnet

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i had a job interview on friday. it was the second one. i was going in to make a presentation in front of four people.

it's been raining for days. as i was walking to the subway, i notice someone speeding up the street towards me. i glance into the street: puddle. he splashes me. my entire right side is soaked to the bone. i yell. "fuuuuuuuuck!!!".

what do i do? do i go home? do i cancel the interview? reschedule? no - i go to my little presentation. wet. looking like a rat. a muddy, straggly rat. i make my lame-ass presentation. the “interview committee” look at me like i'm dumb, thank me for my time, and leave.

i don't think i got the job.

i suppose the responsible thing would have been to go back home and reschedule.

i realized that every time i step outside, something happens. it's getting to the point where i found myself saying, "what is it about 'close call' that's not getting you concerned?" to my boyfriend. i was describing how an suv making a left-hand turn decided that it was okay to run me over.

who has a fight with their masseuse? who bathes in her vacant neighbor's apartment? who emails a filmmaker to compliment him only to have him reply by asking if he can touch her boob? who gets woken up every morning by her russian neighbor pounding on her door asking, "krista, can i have just ONE beer?!"

i don't think i wanted that job anyway.


At October 17, 2005, Blogger frogpajamas said...

the burning question: will you allow vince to touch it????

At October 17, 2005, Anonymous kristalynn said...

vinnie? i wish...

it was peter jackson. and yes.

At October 17, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

peter jackson's hot...i'm going to let michael moore grope me on thursday

buxom s.

At October 17, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This morning I bought a croissant at Blenz on the way to work, and when I opened the bag at my desk it was a weird crumbly muffin thing and not even a member of the croissant family. Just nothing was working out. I wanted to cry. I don't like days like that.

At October 18, 2005, Blogger Krista Sparkles said...

Trust me. You don't want the job,


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